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I did an annual tarot reading for myself on New Years Eve and posted about the results so I could look back and see if they were right, wrong or indifferent. I was expecting to get this up a little sooner but my PC decided to have a complete meltdown after a Windows 10 update and I had to wipe and factory reset the entire thing. Excellent!

Anyway.. my card drawn for January was The Lovers and is the Sixth card of the Major Arcana.

The Lovers

Keywords: Union, Desire, Joy

Generally this card signifies a strong love, union or marriage. Being with your soul mate. Feeling passionate about something or someone. Physical attraction. Communication with like-minded people. Doing what makes you feel whole and being enlightened about that decisions to make. The Lovers tarot is all about wholeness and union but it’s also a card for enlightenment and communication as it encourages you to do more of that makes you happy and nurture your soul. It’s a welcome sight in any reading.

This card is full of symbolism – with the nudity of the couple (Adam and Eve) signifying that they have nothing to hide from each other. The sun shines brightly behind them bringing warmth and security and the Earth at their feet is green and fertile, suggesting life and happiness.
It depicts the moment they are told of good and evil at the gates of Eden. Eve usually stands in front of the tree of knowledge and a serpent to remind us of humanities fall from grace and the temptations that can surround you – reminding you to make wise choices. And Adam stands in front of the tree of flames which represents the knowledge of making the right or the wrong choice and the hot burning passion to bond and unite with another.

I feel that this card was quite fitting for this month, given that I had just gotten married in December and it was our first month together as official Man and Wife. We were pretty in tune with each others needs and almost flung back into the “honeymoon” period – reminded of why we loved each other so much and how happy we were to spend our lives together (yes, I know, vomit). So yes on reflection I think this card was quite accurate and encourages me that the remainder will be much of the same.

Until next time! ♡

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  • Beth posted on February 9, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    This is such a good idea, I’m glad you found it quite accurate too! Can I just say I love your blog design – so pretty! <3 xx

    • L △ U R △ posted on February 9, 2018 at 7:34 pm

      Thank you – that’s very sweet of you to say 🙂
      I’ve been following yours for a while. I love your photography. I wish I could develop a knack for that but they never seem to come out right ☹️

      Laura x


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