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What Is K-Beauty? Top Tips for Achieving Healthy and Flawless Skin!

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Korean beauty and skincare products have been a buzz online lately, and are hugely popular all over the world. Many of which are cruelty-free! To help you know which brands to invest in, check out this amazing guide by Nudie Glow.

In 2018, the K-beauty market reached an approximate $13.1 billion worth of sales. And by 2020, Korean skincare products are expected to achieve $7.2 billion worth of the market share. This makes South Korea as one of the leading and most popular countries recognized in the global beauty market. But why?

K-beauty is all about achieving youthful, glowing, and flawless skin. It’s basically about getting that “glass” skin or dewy look, similar to that of Korean celebrities and idols.

The key to achieving a youthful, flawless, and K-beauty glow is knowing what products are best for your skin. There’s a lot of available shops and online stores where you can buy Korean skincare and makeup products. However, before you purchase anything, you need to learn a little about how to achieve K-beauty glow first.

Why not start with knowing some of the essential K-beauty skincare routines? Here are some tips:

Cleansing Oil

This is also typically a makeup remover. Koreans follow the double-cleansing process, and removing makeup and dirt is the first step. Massage your skin with cleansing oil to melt all the makeup and grime from your face. After 20 seconds, rinse it off with water.

Gentle Cleanser

The next step is to wash your face (again) using a gentle cleanser. This helps get rid of skin impurities without stripping off your skin’s natural oils. Use facial cleansers that can brighten up your skin! The key ingredients to achieve healthy and glowing skin include AHA, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil.


To keep your skin hydrated after double cleansing, pat some toner onto your face. Make sure that you choose a water-based toner to avoid drying out the skin. Alcohol-based toners often strip the skin of its natural oils, so better stick to water-based ones.


After putting some hydration back into your skin, you can now move on to applying essence! Korean essence products are formulated with active ingredients. Essences serve specific purposes, such as brightening or softening the skin, or fighting acne.

Eye Cream

Pat a small amount of eye cream around your eyes before you go to sleep. This helps hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes to help fight fine lines. Apply it as gently and don’t rub or pull to avoid damaging your skin.

Facial Scrub

Exfoliation also helps brighten your skin’s appearance. Facial scrubs exfoliate and help to get rid of deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells. Make sure to only exfoliate once a week. Avoid using scrubs daily, as it might make your skin irritated and do more harm than good.

So these are some essential skincare products and routines that you can try to achieve a K-beauty glow for your skin!
Don’t just dive in and try any Korean product that you see online, though. Also, avoid trying different products at once. Make sure that you do your research first, so you can choose which ones are best suitable for your skin type.

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