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Why I Gave Up Meat

I was aware of what happens to animals for the sake of our taste buds and I’m ashamed to say I chose to ignore it. I ignored it because it was easier for me to eat what was easily accessible and look the other way. It would be a hassle to change my ways and become vegetarian, right? I figured my personal choices were unlikely to make much of a difference and as many do, I thought I’d have to live on lettuce and lentils and never have a decent meal again. But was I wrong and if you think this way, then I’m sorry to say that so are you.

Maybe 4 or so years ago I ended up watching (I say watching tentatively because I couldn’t get through 20 minutes of it without sobbing uncontrollably) a documentary/horror show that ultimately changed my life. Earthlings. It broke my heart, it made me sick, it made my skin crawl and my blood boil, it made me want to do something, it made me change my ways. I realized that you truly cannot profess to be an animal lover if you still eat them. And so…

I Became A Vegetarian

For sometime after – I kept looking at my dog, who we rescued from the pound, and kept thinking “how are you any different to them? Her “expiry date” was overdue and she had very little time left to find a home. We took her in knowing she would have died there – we just couldn’t let it happen. Now she’s my pride and joy and huge part of our family. But why do we love, comfort and care for one animal but torture, maim and murder others? Knowing now that pigs have higher intelligence than dogs and make wonderful companions, why is my beloved house pet any different to the cattle on their way to slaughter?

There are a million reasons why meat sucks – human health, environmental issues, corruption etc.  And please spare me from the “circle of life” talk. Absolutely no other species rears another for the sole purpose of food. I also don’t want to hear “we have canines, our ancestors ate meat, we need the protein!” – I have used those excuses myself and they just don’t stand up, not when you really open your eyes.

My main question for those who might protest a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle is this…

How can you humanely kill or exploit something that doesn’t want to die or can’t give consent?

You can’t, you just can’t. And until that question can be answered by them, I’ll be leaving them off my plate. Because it’s not right, and it’s not fair.

I thought being vegetarian would be hard, and it was definitely a learning curve. But once I knew where to shop and what alternatives I had, I didn’t think twice about it anymore. It became second nature and it’s so simple once you know what to look for. The market has changed so much to accommodate for it and the demand is always growing. It was actually the easiest decision I’ve ever made and I don’t crave meat, I don’t miss it. I don’t want it. Anytime I have eaten it since I’ve been violently ill. Hardly a coincidence to me but there we go.
I find that my tea and cereal tastes the same with soy milk. My fajitas are just a good with Quorn chicken. My burgers are just a juicy and “meaty” with meat-free patties. Everything is pretty much the same and I feel better knowing I’m doing my part.

Personally, I like to think of myself as a vegetarian with vegan intentions. I try to avoid dairy and animal products as best I can. Hardcore vegans will scoff at this and say it’s half-arsed, but it’s how I am choosing to live my life. I can sleep at night knowing I’m doing a little part to help a cause I care about and I try to make up for it by being strictly cruelty-free in my everyday life. Be that my toothpaste, shampoo, makeup, clothes etc.

And For The Record…

I don’t condemn or judge who does eat meat and animal products. My husband still eats meat, so does most of my family but they respect my choices and I respect theirs. Because it’s their choice to make and I won’t force-feed them a lecture they don’t ask for. If they do want to know then yes I will tell them, otherwise, it is not for me to comment on.

I wanted to make my own choices kinder which wasn’t so difficult to do. Because I was doing it for the right reasons for me. Plus if I’m able to impact one person and have them consider being vegetarian or change their habits even just a little bit, then I’m happy knowing I made a small difference.

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  1. Wow! This is a great argument for giving up meat! I don’t know that I could ever give up meat, but kuddos to you for making that huge decision!

  2. I am SO proud of you! I gave up meat 10 or so years ago for the same reason and I’ve never looked back. I’m hoping more people will make this decision and together we can see a big change happen in our lifetime.

    • Thank you! Your comment really made me smile!

      I can see huge changes even in the last few years so I’m pretty sure things are going to get turned on their heads. I got really excited as they’re opening a vegan cafe in my home town soon – cannot wait to try it! xx

  3. I have been eating less meat and avoiding dairy as well, and I think everyone needs to take things at their own pace so I appreciate your honesty with where you are!