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Why It’s Important To Have A Will

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It’s a morbid thing to think about, especially when you’re still in the prime of adulthood, but having a will is very useful when you have responsibilities to others, and you’ve accrued some estate, whether that be money, business or property. If you’re not sure whether you want to do a will, then here are the reasons why it’s important to get one now.

Keeps Your Estate In The Family

One of the things you build up in life the most is your estate. It’s everything from your belongings, any property you may have, any businesses, and the financial values. If you passed away without making a will, it would be the state who decides where your assets go. This might depend on where you live and what the rules are regarding the situation where a will isn’t present. So if you want to ensure that it stays within the family, make it so by writing a will. You lose that benefit of giving it to family, and the family would have a hard struggle to regain ownership of the estate.

It Gives You Power Over Your Belongings

By having a will, you can have a say over where everything goes. You don’t need to give your estate to anyone you know if you didn’t want to. It could go to a charity you’re fond of or perhaps individuals you may be acquainted with but are not your family. The decision on where your belongings go is up to you and only you. You lose that privilege, though, if you decide not to write a will. It can also mean that things get distributed perhaps to people you wouldn’t want to receive anything.

Wills Can Reduce Family Conflict

Death can be upsetting, and therefore, family members who remain behind and have to deal with your estate can end up turning sour. Family conflict can occur, and then legal aid like Bannister Preston have to step in. You want to avoid your estate causing problems between family members, and you having a will is telling everyone that these are your wishes and that the decision has been made, whether they agree or not.

You Decide Who Takes Care Of Your Children

A terrifying thought that can come when writing a will is when you have young children. The thought of leaving them now is heartbreaking, but it’s important to prepare for all scenarios and one of which is ensuring that there’s someone in place, should you ever be unfortunate to lose your life and that of your partners. You’d both want to see your children with respectable and caring adults who have similar or the same morals as yourself. Having a will lets you decide that but ensure that those who would be responsible are told and agree.

If you’re thinking about getting a will and either have children, married, or have property or assets, you should certainly have one. Always be prepared as life can sometimes deal a nasty hand.

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    • I would have really appreciated this, but you clearly didn’t read the blog post.
      It’s literally about having a will in testament.

      Laura x